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Science Club for selected fifth-grade students has officially begun, as of September 20, 2017. Science Club expands students' critical and creative thinking skills and applies these skills toward scientific endeavors. In Science Club, we do hands-on experiments, engineering, and repeated observations in order to learn more about the world around us. Some experiments and feats of engineering we will be completing this year include: Making lava lamps, building bridges, creating slime, engineering unsinkable boats, and more. Selected students from Science Club will work up to competing in the annual SECME Science competition. This competition is held each year for all registered SECME science students in Miami-Dade County. At the annual SECME Olympiad, students will engineer, build, and race their own mousetrap cars to try to win against other elementary school science students. They will engage in various science competitions against other students their age, and go for the win! Science Club meets twice a month on Thursdays after school.